Zion is governed by a Council of members who oversee and direct the congregation’s operation.  In the case of Zion, the Council consists of a preset number of elected members and the pastor.  The Council president is elected by the Council and at Zion is a lay person.  The pastor functions as a kind of Chief Executive Officer of the Council, in addition to providing spiritual leadership in the congregation.  The work of the congregation is overseen by the Church Council and carried out by several Committees of the church, which are led and staffed by lay people.  The Church Council usually meets on a monthly basis to discuss and address the priorities of the church.  Zion is a participatory democracy in which all members contribute for the common good.

Links to past Council meeting Meeting Minutes can be found below (PDF format).

2022 Minutes
October Minutes from the October 11, 2022 Meeting
September Minutes from the September 13, 2022 Meeting
August Minutes from the August 9, 2022 Meeting
June Minutes from the June 14, 2022 Meeting
May Minutes from the May 10, 2022 Meeting
March Minutes from the March 8, 2022 Meeting
February Minutes from the February 8, 2022 Meeting
January Minutes from the January 11, 2022 Meeting

2021 Minutes
December Minutes from the December 14, 2021 Meeting
November Minutes from the November 9, 2021 Meeting
October Minutes from the October 12, 2021 Meeting
September Minutes from the September 14, 2021 Meeting