At the baptism of your child, you made promises about your child’s upbringing in the faith.  You promised to regularly bring your child to God’s house, teach her or him about the things of our faith, placing in their hands the Word of God.  Now has come a time to take another step.

Your child may now be of the age when she or he may be ready to begin receiving communion.  Not every child is ready and not every parent is yet disposed toward their child taking this next step.  Zion is inviting children who are in the 3rd grade or older to consider preparation for this holy sacrament.  The preparation would consist in a series of 4 classes, for parents and students, explaining the meaning and importance of communion.   These classes are planned for Sunday evenings in November.

At the end of the classes each student, parent, and the pastor will discuss if the child is ready for communion. First Communion is scheduled for the first Sunday in December.