Redner’s is committed to the communities that they are a part of, and they want to help out the non-profit organizations whose members shop in their stores. In this interest, Redner’s developed their 1% Save-A-Tape program.

Here’s how it works:


A group must be a charitable or non-profit organization. Each member must stop at the store office or Customer Service area to get a Save-A-Tape card. By using this card each time you purchase merchandise at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, your receipt will be designated as a Save-A-Tape customer receipt. To expedite your 1% payment, we ask that you total all the Save-A-Tape totals on your receipts. When you have accumulated enough tapes to receive a meaningful rebate, (at least $50 rebate) please arrange them in an orderly fashion and give them to the Manager on duty. Please be sure to include verification of your totals and the entire register/sales receipts. (Example: calculator tape, computer print out, hand written summary etc.) They will then be verified and within eight weeks you will receive a check for 1% of the total amount of the tapes submitted. (Excluding items controlled by the government such as tax, milk and tobacco products) Laws prohibit discounting tax, milk or tobacco products.

An example of what you can do:

Lets say a group has 50 families with an average of $75.99 per week in supermarket expenditures. If it was all spent at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, and you saved tapes for a year, you would receive a check for $1,950.00. Receipts will be accepted for redemption up to three years from their printed date and there is no dollar limit. Start saving tapes today and you’ll soon be receiving the benefits of this simple, profitable program. Forms are available at the stores when submitting tapes for redemption.

Program Information PDF (print version)