Our Zion congregation has embarked on a multi-year capital campaign to make improvements to our beloved church.  We appreciate all the contributions and support so far as several projects have already been completed or are currently underway including replacing our steeple with our original cupola which has been fully refurbished, and replacing our floors in the Fellowship Hall and adjacent hallways of the church.  We hope to provide pictures of the completed work in the future.

Olimometer 2.52                                        Olimometer 2.52          

We continue to have several additional projects planned as we look forward to our 275th anniversary in 2018.  However, we cannot start or complete some of these projects without your continued financial support through our capital campaign.  We have made great strides and visible improvements are occurring, but we still have a long way to go to reach our intended goal for this campaign.  Thank you for your ongoing support with this important campaign!!

Check out our main Capital Campaign page and new cupola pictures for additional details and pictures of our progress.